Thailand Natural Attractions (National Parks, Waterfalls, Rivers, Hot Springs)

Thailand is a country that provides diversified natural attractions to the visitors apart from the enriching historical sites. The mountains and green valleys, the fertile agricultural lands, the beautiful beaches and islands, the flora and fauna, tropical fruits, bamboo trees, and beautiful flowers are some of the natural attractions of a tropical country like Thailand. Whether you are a couple or a family or a lone traveler along with some traveling friends; Thailand’s natural attractions entices everyone with its pristine beauty and serenity. Beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls, coral reefs, national parks, mountain biking, scuba diving, a thrilling raft excursion, an elephant ride through the tropical rainforest – all these thrilling activities provide you with a once in a lifetime travel experience.

The natural Thailand attractions never fail to cater to the diversified tastes of different groups of travelers. In addition to the natural attractions, the warm hospitality of Thai people and its’ great cuisine only adds up the value of the vacation packages.

National Parks in Thailand:

With 79 national parks, 35 forest reserves, 89 wildlife and non-hunting sanctuaries Thailand has always been one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the South East Asia. Some of the national parks in Thailand are forest-based national parks and some others are marine national parks. Among these national parks, 18 parks are marine national parks with marine resources like mangrove coasts and islands.

In northern Thailand, Doi Inthanon National Park is one of the most popular parks in the kingdom that is home of nearly 400 bird species. At 2,565 meters, Doi Inthanon is Thailand’s highest peak with 482 sq km area and it’s one of the best mountain national parks in Thailand. With 3,000 sq km of evergreen forests, Kaeng Krachan National Park is Thailand’s largest park and home to elephants, tigers, gibbons and other wild animals.

In northeast Thailand, Phu Kradung National Park is famous for its pine forests and mountain views. In central Thailand, Khao Yai National Park is just 3 hours drive from Bangkok. Khao Yai is an ASEAN National Heritage Site and one of the best-managed parks in the world.

In South, Ko Similan Marine National Park is one of the world’s most preferred Thailand tourist attractions especially for scuba divers and beach-lovers. Ko Surin Marine National Park is a paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts. In East, Kao Laem Ya-Ko Samet is a marine national park located at 240 kilometers from Bangkok.

Waterfalls in Thailand:

Thailand has got hundreds of waterfalls spreading across the country. These waterfalls have always been favorite destinations for domestic as well as international tourists. Some waterfalls are easily reachable while others need some extra effort to be reached and the tourists get rewarded with some magnificent sightseeing and serenity of nature. The word “waterfall” is termed as ‘Nam tok’ in the local language. ‘Nam tok’ is also the name of a popular Northeastern dish of Thailand.
Some of the major waterfalls in Thailand are: Umphang Thee Lor Sue Waterfall in the Umphang wildlife sanctuary (it is the largest and highest waterfall in Thailand), Namtok Kaeng Song on Thong river, Chat Warin Waterfall in Budo-Su-ngai Padi National Park, Sirindhorn Waterfall in Narathiwat Province, Erawan Waterfall in Erawan National Park.

Rivers in Thailand:

River plays a vital role in the life of Thai people. Loi Krathong festival and the Royal Barge Procession owe their origins to rivers. For Thai people river is the best natural resource and crucial for agriculture.

Cruising has become one of the major Thailand tourist attractions over the years and tourists come to Thailand to witness some to the local river related festivals and competitions. Boat cruising is very popular on some of the rivers such as: the Pasak River in Ayutthaya, the Nakhonchaisri River in Nakhon Pathom, and the Sakaekrang River in Uthai Thani. High-rise buildings, riverside hotels, Buddhist temples, fresh markets and river-boat houses are often seen while traveling along a river.

Hot Springs in Thailand:

Many natural hot springs are found in Thailand. The health packages with mineral bath, Thai traditional massage, and fitness facilities attract thousands of tourists to Thailand. Natural hot springs have certain healing powers that relieve backache and muscle pain, liberate from mental stress, cure some illnesses, and lessen certain skin problems.

One of the best Thailand tourist attractions is the hot spring at San Kamphaeng in Chiang Mai which offers complete health treatment packages. Pa Pae hot spring is another hot spring in the Chiang Mai province and is set up within a well-maintained park. In the southern Thailand, a hot spring is located in the Raksavarin forest park that offers a full package of health and recreational facilities. Lampang (Jae Son hot spring) and Mae Hong Son (Muang Paeng and Pa Bong hot springs) are located in the northern provinces of Thailand.