Thailand Region:

Welcome to Thailand; the land of white elephants! Situated in the heart of south East Asia; the kingdom of Thailand is the gateway to Indochina. The geographical map of Thailand comprises of four major geographical regions. The northern region is well protected with its high mountain ranges and dense forest area, the Central Thailand comprises of rich paddy fields; the Northeast plateau embodies semi-arid farm lands and the tropical islands along with long coastlines leads up to the South peninsula.
Politically, Thailand is divided into 76 provinces; the Central and Eastern Thailand comprises of 26 provinces, the North region of Thailand has got 17 provinces, the Northeast comprises of 19 provinces and the South region consists of 14 provinces. Bangkok is the capital and largest city of Thailand. Thai is the official language of Thailand.
Thailand is one of the hottest tour destinations and attracts travelers from around the globe for its lush green vegetation, tropical rain forests and rich cultural heritage. The modern nation of Thailand came into existence in 1238 AD after culmination of the Sukhothai kingdom. The aborigines of Thailand region basically came from the migrating populations of Chinese-dominated region of Nanchao.

Geographical Map of Thailand:

The geographical region of Thailand is divided into the following parts: