Thailand Activities – An Overview

There are lots of activities that you can try out when you are in Thailand.

Thailand Beaches and Islands:

Thailand is a country with some exotic white sand beaches and islands. With more than 52 beaches and islands, it attracts visitors from around the globe to this part of unspoiled nature and picturesque beauty. You can enjoy sun morning and evening walks in the kissed white sand beaches, snorkeling in the clear blue waters, and swimming in the sea beaches or go for speed boating. Enjoy your leisure at some of the beautiful Beaches & Islands in Thailand .

Historical Sites:

The numerous historical sites spread throughout Thailand show its glorious and magnificent past. Sukhothai Historical Park and Ayutthaya Historical Park are the two most prominent historical sites in Thailand. Millions of tourists come to Thailand to see the evidence of Siam’s past fame. Thailand has got two UNESCO listed historical World Heritage Sites and various other historical sites and monuments. [more about Thailand Historical Sites...]

Thailand Natural Attractions:

Thailand is a country with diversified geographical regions. The high mountain ranges, green valleys, the fertile agricultural lands, the unique flora and fauna, tropical fruits, bamboo trees, and beautiful flowers are some of the natural attractions of this tropical country. You can enjoy nature trails and trekking in the mountains and tropical rain forests, go for river rafting, go for more adventurous mountain biking, go for an elephant ride through the tropical rainforest – all these thrilling activities provide you with a once in a lifetime travel experience. All these natural attractions never fail to cater to the diversified tastes of different groups of travelers. [more about Thailand Natural Attractions...]

Thailand Eco-Tourism:

Thailand becomes green and looks fresh during the rainy season. The nature lovers can enjoy the multiple facets of eco-tourism in Thailand. There are many seasons in the year when you could find the nature unleashing itself with its splendor. You can enjoy the marvelous Krachiao in the area around Pha Hin Ngam Park, enjoy bird watching and wildlife in the Khao Sok National Parka and Khao Yai national park, go for river rafting in Kang Hin Perng rapids and lot more. [more about Thailand Eco-Tourism...]