One-Day Tour Packages Nearby Bangkok

There are plenty of worthwhile attractions lie close to Bangkok such as a floating market in Ratchaburi and the ancient capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya. Many people staying in Bangkok also choose to visit the most family friendly attractions, such as the Dream World entertainment complex in Pathumthani, the vast Safari World and its many exotic animals in the Minburi area, and the popular Crocodile Farm and Zoo in Samut Prakan. There are many attractions and things to do less than two-hours drive from Bangkok. Master Tour offers several packages around Bangkok area. If you are interested in a custom tour, please submit an inquiry form on our Custom Tour Package page.

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Bangkok Floating Market Tour Package:

Package duration – half-day tour (morning)
Price: Please contact our agent for pricing
Package Description

Damnoen Saduak

in Ratchaburi is about 110 kilometers to the south of Bangkok, Thailand. The town is famous for the floating market which is held everyday from about 8 a.m. to about 11 a.m. It’s a main tourist attraction of the Bangkok vicinity where you can notice the traditional way of buying and selling goods. You can also observe intimately the lifestyle of Thai people, their traditional Thai houses and the canals filled with flat boats all around.


The Floating Market becomes busy everyday with hundreds of buyers and sellers floating in their small boats. Here, you can find different kinds of tropical fruits like jackfruits, papayas, mangos, mangosteens, durians, rambutans, young coconuts, etc. These are grown in the nearby orchards which are naturally fertile. The chief occupation of people of this region is farming. A tour to the Thailand’s Floating Market is an impressive and valuable tour for the tourists visiting Thailand.

Package details
Sightseeing: Damnern Saduak Floating Market
07:00 Your tour guide will meet you at your hotel lobby.
07:15 Depart to Samuth Songkarm province. Visit coconut garden.
08:45 Arrive at the Floating Market. Take picture and explore the market.
Long-tail boat cruise along narrow canal surround the plantation.
12:00 Return back to hotel in Bangkok.
Package inclusions

  • Pick and drop facility from the hotel lobby in air conditioned bus/van
  • English-speaking guide
  • Admission tickets (if any)
  • Long-tail boat to visit market

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Tour of Ayutthaya – The Ancient Capital of Thailand:

Package duration – full-day tour
Price: Please contact our agent for pricing
Package Description
Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand is located around 85 kilometers to the north of Bangkok. Ayutthaya was the former Capital of Siam Kingdom for over 417 years. The ruins and the remains of various structures symbolize the flourishing era of the Siamese Kingdom. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Ayutthaya is well-known for its remarkable ruins and temples such as Wat Phra Sanphet, Wat Mongkhon Bophit, Wat Panangcherng and Wat Chai Mongkol. Ayutthaya is named after Ayodhya in northern India, the city of the hero Rama in Hindu epic Ramayana.
Bang Pa-In Summer Palace is located on the bank of Chao Phraya River in Ayutthaya province of Thailand. It was built by the Thai kings for their summer lodging. The palace remains mostly open for the Thailand visitors.
Wat Panang Chengwas built over 450 years before Ayutthaya became the Capital. Formerly known as Pang Chang, it started since February 1997 with an intention to reduce the nomadic elephant in the city. All elephants and mahouts were gathered together to train them to welcome the tourists.
Wat Yai Chai Mongkol is also known as Chao Phraya Thai Temple which is famed for the great statue of the Reclining Buddha. This large statue of Buddha covered by the bright orange cloth represents the spiritual leader in death.
The Royal Palace holds the temple of the huge golden Buddha. Wat Phra Si Sanphet known as royal chapel is one of the largest ancient temples in the Ayutthaya Historical Park.
Wat Maha That is located to east of the Summer Palace. It was the heart and soul of Ayutthaya people for over 600 years until it was completely destroyed by the Burmese during Thai-Burmese war.
A tour to the Ayutthaya ancient capital is a must for any Thailand visitor. During the tour you can travel around the temples and historical sites. A riverboat trip along the Chao Phraya River is a must-do activity for the visitors in Bangkok.
Package details
Sightseeing: Ayutthaya
08:00 Your tour guide will meet you at your hotel lobby. Pick up from hotel.
08:15 Travelling by private vehicle to Ayutthaya province. Arrival at Bang Pa-In Summer Palace.
09:30 Visit the Palace built for great relationship of Thai, Chinese and European.
Departure to Ayutthaya Ancient Capital.
12:00 Lunch at nearby restaurant.
Visit to Wat Panang Cheng.
Visit to Wat Yai Chai Mongkol and Wat Maha That.
16:00 Return to Bangkok hotel.
Package inclusions

  • Pick and drop facility from the hotel lobby in air conditioned bus/van
  • English-speaking guide
  • Admission tickets
  • Lunch
Remarks if any

  • Palace and Temples are sacred places, please dress politely. No shorts, no sleeveless shirts, no flip-flops.
  • Hat, cap and umbrella may be helpful to avoid scorching sun.
  • Certain buildings may be closed on holiday and during Royal Ceremonies.
  • Camera may not be allowed into the buildings.
  • Wear comfort-walking shoes that are easy to put on and off.

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River Kwai with Death Railway and Tour of Tiger Temple:

Package duration – full-day tour
Price: Please contact our agent for pricing
Package Description
This tour package includes visit to some of the historical places in Kanchanaburi such as JEATH War Museum, Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, and the bridge over the River Kwai.

JEATH War Museum:

JEATH stands for Japan, England, America, Australia, Thailand and Holland, on behalf of the nationalities of the prisoners of war (POW’s) who forcibly worked to construct the “Bridge on the River Kwai”. The museum has a bamboo hut with a collection of photographs displayed. The hut is a facsimile of the conditions the POW’s who were forced to live in. The collections of photographs were taken by Thai’s or POW’s representing the conditions of the prisoners during those days.

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery<:

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery is located on Saenchuto Road in the Northwest of Kanchanaburi, only 129 kilometers from Bangkok. It contains the graves of 6982 mainly Australian, British and Dutch prisoners who lost their lives during the Captivity of the Japanese Army that forced them to build the Bridge over the River Kwai and the Death Railway.
Kanchanaburi War Cemetery is open daily for the visitors. Although there is no admission fee, contributions towards the preservation of the site are most welcome. It is advised to be utmost polite as the place is very important for most of the people.

The Bridge over the River Kwai:

“The Bridge over the River Kwai” is located in the province of Kanchanaburi about 130 kilometers from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It was built when the Japanese required a railway connecting Bangkok with Rangoon with a purpose to attack India during World War II. Internationally renowned as the black iron bridge was brought from Java by the Japanese army and reconstructed there under Japanese supervision. More than 13000 prisoners of war contributed their lives to complete the bridge also known as “The Death Railway”. The bridge was the target of frequent Allied Bombers during the World War II. The railway bridge is still having a daily train from Kanchanaburi to Nam Tok Railway station.
Tiger Temple, or Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, is a Buddhist forest temple in Western Thailand which is a house for different kinds of animals including tigers that can be touched by the visitors. It’s weird but it’s true. It is about 40 kilometers away from the famous “Bridge on the River Kwai” built during World War II.
The Thailand’s tiger temple tour is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand and attracts tourists from all over the world. The reason is because the big cats are actually living together with the Buddhist monks and it’s like a miracle that the beasts have shunned their animal instincts. The monks at tiger temple even allow you to touch the familial tigers. This unique Buddhist Tiger Temple is altogether different from any other tiger zoos of the world.
The tiger temple was started as a forest monastery and sanctuary for numerous wild animals in the year 1994. Then, the tiger temple received the Golden Jubilee Buddha Image of Gold weighing 80 kg. The first tiger cub arrived to the monastery in February 1999. It was a female cub of Indo-Chinese species. Now, tiger temple has become the home of numerous tigers. You can also find deer, buffalos, horses, cows, wild goats and gibbons in the sanctuary. All these animals ramble freely here.
Package details
Sightseeing: JEATH War Museum, Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, The Bridge over the River Kwai, Tiger Temple or Wat Pha Luang Ta BuaTiger Temple or Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua.
09:00 Your tour guide will meet you at your hotel lobby.
09:15 Pick up from hotel departs Bangkok for Kanchanaburi province. Visit to JEATH War Museum, visit to Kanchanaburi War Cemetery and The Bridge over the River Kwai. On the last part of the tour visit to the Tiger Temple or Wat Pha Luang Ta BuaTiger Temple.
17:00 Return back to hotel in Bangkok.
Package inclusions
· Pick and drop facility from the hotel lobby in air-conditioned bus/van
· English-speaking guide
· Admission tickets at various entry points
· Lunch at restaurant