Best Beaches in Thailand – An Overview

Thailand is a country full of exotic beaches and islands. With more than 52 beaches and islands, it attracts visitors from all over the world to this part of unspoiled nature and picturesque beauty. Some of the well-known and widely visited Thailand beaches are Phuket island, Krabi, Phi Phi islands, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Chang and Koh Samet in the Southern Thailand; Koh Lant, Koh Lipe, Koh Ngai beaches off the South West Coast. There are few exotic beaches close to Bangkok that includes: Pattaya, Bang Saen and Jomtien. There are also few virgin beaches stretched across the South Eastern coast line in between Pattaya and Trat, and also from Prachuap Khiri Khan to Bang Sapan, Koh Talu, Ban Krut and Chumphon island.

Cha-Am Beach (Phetchaburi):

Cha-Am beach is Thailand’s longest white sand beach only two hours drive from Bangkok. The beach bustles on weekends and holidays. There are budget hotels as well as luxury hotels available along side this wonderful beach. You can get plenty of chairs and umbrellas on rent from local vendors. Tasty seafood, soft drinks, and beer are available in abundance for the beachgoers. After swimming in the sea, you can also take a shower with fresh water at the beachside bathrooms.


Cha-Am Beach is the best beach in Phetchaburi. The members of Thai royal family commented on Cham-Am beach that it was just as beautiful as Hua Hin, the famous royal resort of Thailand. Then after it became the favorite spot for weekend visitors from Bangkok and all over the world. The number of international visitors to this Thai Resort town has increased astoundingly in the recent years.

Hua Hin Beach (Prachuab Khiri Khan):

Hua Hin is located around 190 kilometers south of Bangkok and 92 kilometers north of Prachuab Khiri Khan. With more than 200 kilometers of coastline Hua Hin Beach is one of the fascinating beaches of Thailand close to the capital city of Bangkok. It is accessible by car, train, and flight.


Hua Hin has hundreds of hotels, guesthouses, bars and restaurants. Clear Blue water, white sand, sun, horse riding, kite boarding, water sports, superior golfing, and green national parks are the major attractions of this beach. Golfers can enjoy the 72-par Royal Hua Hin Golf Course at a reasonable cost.


Hua Hin was the summer place of the King of Thailand. It has the lowest rain falls in Thailand and can be visited through out the year. Hua Hin has night markets, stylish shops and boutiques. There are many old style buildings and art shops close to the fishing piers. Klai Kang Won Palace is another major tourist attraction in Hua Hin.

Koh Chang:

Koh Chang is the second largest island of Thailand and spreads over an area of 429 sq. kms. It has fine beaches, coral reefs, rich natural resources, forests, waterfalls, streams, and many fruit orchards. The best places for viewing coral reefs are at Ao Khlong Son, near Koh Chang Noi, and around the islands to the south of Koh Chang.


Koh Kut is another island near Koh Chang, located in the southernmost point in Trat territorial waters. One hour speedboat journey takes the visitors to this island. Some of the residents are fishermen while others grow rubber, coconut and other fruit-yielding plants. The island is blessed with rich mangroves and scenic beaches shaded by rows of pines and coconut trees.


There are several accessible waterfalls in Koh Chang. The Khlong Phlu waterfall is located 3 kilometers from Ao Khlong. The Khlong Nonsi waterfall is a 4-km. walk from the park headquarters, while the Khiriphet and Khlong Nung waterfalls are about 3 kilometers from Ban Salakphet. These waterfalls attract thousands of overland tourists all round the year.

Koh Phangan:

Koh Phangan is the third largest Thailand island located in the Gulf of Thailand covering an area of 168 sq. kilometers. Agriculture, fishing, and coconut farming are the chief occupation of the residents of Koh Phangan. Travel industry has grown up in the recent years as many foreign visitors land on this Island through out the year.


Koh Phangan is well-known for its “full moon party” where foreign tourists party together with the young Thais. Not only the “full moon party”, the magnificent beaches, scuba diving, skin diving, trekking, and the traditional folk dance are also equally popular in this Thailand island.

Koh Samui:

Koh Samui is one of the beautiful Thailand island destinations of the country. Exchange facilities of car and motorbikes are available for easy communication of the tourists.


Wat Phra Yai in the north, with its 12-meter Buddha statue, and Wat Laem Saw in the south, with its old and sacred stupas are famous temples of Koh Samui. Monks accomplish meditation courses here to the foreigners at Wat Pang Ba. Buffalo fighting is a famous sport in Samui island. The first to run in the competition between bulls loses. Boxing is also equally popular here. Regular Boxing competitions are organized at Muay Thai rings in Chaweng and Na Thon.


Cheap accommodation, gracious Thai people, tasty Thai food, weird rock formations, and unspoiled nature are some of the attractions of this Thailand Island. Krabi has many more things beyond expectation for the nature lovers such as mangrove forests, virgin islands, rain forest and natural pools in the Khao Nor Chuchi Lowland Forest Project.


Rock climbers can trial their skill here through hundreds of established routes creating opportunities for them. Yachts and kayaks are available here on rent for sailing and paddling activities. Among the local beaches including Hat Noppharat Thara, Ao Nang and Ao Phai Phlong; the finest beach is Hat Tham Phra Nang, with a cave where fishermen tribute the spirit of an Indian princess (It’s believed the princess has lost her way here over two thousand years ago and her spirit still resides in this place).

Koh Tao:

Koh Tao is well known amongst daring travelers as it is considered as the best diving site in the Gulf of Thailand. Diving becomes the first priority for the tourists as soon as they land on this popular Thailand beach. Kao Tao’s dive school has trained many skilled divers around the world.
Several other facilities such as swimming, kayaking, climbing hills are also available for the vacationers. The half-moon shaped coast of Thailand Island is a heaven for the beachgoers.


Pattaya located at 150 kilometers south-east of Bangkok is a well-known Thailand resort. Pattaya is mainly famous for its beer bars, mesmerizing beaches, and the sex industry that is still going on here. Improvement in the quality of the beach has increased the number of both domestic and international visitors to this place in the recent years. The far-reaching beaches, water sports, sightseeing, shopping centers, memorable nightlife, great hotels and resorts are the major tourist attractions of Pattaya.


Phang Nga is well-known for its’ isolated islands, coral reefs, irregular rock formations, featuring caves, and archeological sites. Different species of sea snake, reptiles, mammals like gibbons, and macaques can be seen at Ao Phang-Nga National Park. This Thailand Island is rich in wildlife like turtles, pythons, dolphins, and various species of birds. The west coast is one of the finest beaches of Thailand that is perfect for diving, swimming, and snorkeling. The hiking trails and the sea view from the highest point of Koh Similan offers a mesmerizing experience to the tourists. The 15-meter reclining Buddha at Wat Tham Suwankhuha is another attraction for the Buddhists as well as cave enthusiasts.


Located at about 220 kilometers from Bangkok Rayong has more than 100 kilometers of coastline with beautiful beaches and scenic waterfalls. Rayong is popular for the regional fruits such as durians, rambutans, mangosteens, pineapples, and the seafood products such as fish sauce, shrimp paste, and dried seafood. Rayong is the main agricultural and industrial province of the Thai kingdom. The best time to visit this place is between November and February. It is easily accessible from Bangkok by bus, car, taxi, and airplane.


Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and one of the leading resorts of the world with white sand scattering endlessly. It was once a major trading spot of Asia where ships from India, China, Malaya, Arabia, and Portugal assemble for commodity trading. The mystical Shrine of the Serene Light on Phang-Nga Road is a 150-year-old Chinese temple with a peaceful garden best known for its remarkable art. The Vegetarian Festival is famous in Phuket that involves multicolored and loud parades on the streets of the town. The devotees pierce their cheeks and tongues with swords which is an apology for them before the almighty for their sins.


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